The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency

What We Do

e are literary managers using our experience to help you present your work in complete artistic and professional form. We are a liaison to the publishing world.

The publishing process begins when your work gets an editor’s attention during the submission phase. This happens when they read the first few pages of a novel and engage with a distinct voice telling a great story or when they respond to a provocative story question that is well executed in the narrative. It happens when they read a non-fiction proposal that has urgency and feels important, or when they are finished reading, they feel that they know something more about the world. When we read your material and are confident that those elements exist in your work and agree on representation, we work closely with you to strengthen your novel or proposal, so your work goes out to an editor in the best shape possible. Editorial development and manuscript preparation is our forte.

We also represent collaborating writers and can connect experts with excellent writers who can best represent their work on the page.

Negotiating the best deal is what follows after an editor and their publishing house commits to your work. Preparing the contract and working with sub agents to license rights if we retain them continues our relationship. Once the book is published and you have established a relationship with the acquiring editor, we become a liaison between you and the publisher.