The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency

What We Are Looking For

iction. We are passionate about fiction, both commercial and literary, and look for engaging characters, a strong plot, good storytelling and lovely writing with a distinct voice. We love commercial novels with literary sensibilities. We are actively looking for upmarket contemporary fiction, mainstream women’s fiction, multicultural fiction, as well as mysteries, suspense, literary historical thrillers, gothic suspense, and women’s book club fiction – novels where the story leads to discussion.

We are not the best agents to represent humor, CIA espionage, drug thrillers, techno thrillers, category romances, science fiction, fantasy, horror/occult/paranormal, poetry, film scripts, magazine articles or religion.

Non-Fiction. Submissions from non-fiction authors with an original idea who have a national platform will always get our attention, as will authors who have big ideas and can spot trends; authors who can explain the way we live, take the mystery out of everyday occurrences or have life transforming messages; authors who have brands and strong media contacts. We are very interested in narrative non-fiction, memoir, women’s issues/studies, current issues, biography, love/relationships, psychology, health/medical/wellness, business, parenting, cookbooks/food narratives/lifestyle/wine, personal finance and books written by established journalists, academics, doctors and therapists. Please do not send us magazine articles, celebrity bios or tell alls.